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Houston Chronicle, May 28, 2013, Don’t De-list Pollutants Just Yet.

The Center for Public Integrity, May 21, 2013, “Upset” Emissions, Flares in the Air, Worry on the Ground.

The Center for Public Integrity, December 5, 2012, BP engulfed in lawsuit over 40-day Texas Flare.

Houston Chronicle, November 11, 2012, Authorities Guess at Crucial Pollutant

Galveston Daily News: October 18, 2012, “Records: BP Tried to avoid divulging emissions.

Galveston Daily News: October 9, 2012, “Marathon to buy BP Texas City in $2.5B deal”.

Galveston Daily News: September 8, 2012, “BP Emission Trial Set for September 2013.”

Galveston Daily News: August 11, 2012, “BP officials Denied Emission Increase to Contractors.”

Galveston Daily News: August 6, 2012, “Texas City’s BP Isn’t Sold Just Yet.”

Houston Chronicle: August 3, 2012, “Editorial: Accidents Happen, But Those Responsible Must be Held Accountable.”

Houston Chronicle: July 25, 2012, “Emails: BP knew of Flare Issues.”

Galveston Daily News: July 13, 2012, “OSHA, BP reach significant settlement.”

Galveston Daily News: July 1, 2012, “Records Point to An Internal Debate at BP”.

Galveston Daily News: June 20, 2012, “TCEQ’s Monitoring of BP Ought to Be Examined.”

Galveston Daily News: June 17, 2012, “Regulators Didn’t Verify Flare Efficiency.”

Galveston Daily News: June 15, 2012, “Texas City Refinery Emissions Possibly Underestimated.”

Galveston Daily News: June 14, 2012, “50,000 sue BP over air emissions event.”

San Antonio Express News: June 6, 2012:  “Valero said to be eyeing BP Plant.”

Bloomberg News: May 23, 2012, “BP agrees to settlement over Whiting (Indiana) Refinery  Pollution Permits.”

Galveston Daily News: November 15, 2011, “Big Stink Coming from BP.”

Houston Chronicle: November 15, 2011, “BP had sulfur dioxide leak at Texas City refinery.”

AFP: November 15, 2011, “Living, and coughing, downwind of Texas smoke stacks.”

Center for Public Integrity, November 7, 2011, “Many Americans left behind in quest for cleaner air.”

Houston Chronicle: November 3, 2011, “BP to pay $50 million to settle state claims.”

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, November 3, 2011, “BP Products to Pay $50 Million for Illegal Emissions”.

NOTE: this was a settlement of the State of Texas’ claims against BP for fines and penalties relating to the April to May 2010 chemical release and 71 other emission events at BP Texas City.  This settlement does not affect the MDL proceedings.

Galveston Daily News: February 17,  2011, “Texas City exposed to bad information.”

Galveston Daily News: February 17, 2011, “TCEQ, BP find hard time clearing air.”

Galveston Daily News: February 5, 2011, “Change is a Chance for a New Opportunity.”

Galveston Daily News: February 4, 2011, “Playing the BP Blame Game.”

Houston Chronicle Fuel Fix blog: February 1, 2011, “BP refinery sale unlikely to affect jobs in Texas City.”

Galveston Daily News: February 1, 2011, “BP to sell Texas City Refinery.”

Galveston Daily News: January 23, 2011, “BP case starts to take shape.”

Galveston Daily News: October 9, 2010, “TCEQ says BP data contained error.”

Galveston Daily News: September 17, 2010, “EPA Investigating BP ‘catastrophic release'”

Galveston Daily News: September 5, 2010, “Group Doubts Claims by BP”

Houston Chronicle: August 20, 2010, “Baring emotions, BP official defends Texas City plant’s record.”

Galveston Daily News: August 10, 2010, “AG Seeks Civil Penalties Against BP for Leak”

Galveston Daily News: July 23, 2010, AG to Probe BP Chemical Release

Galveston Daily News: June 5, 2010: “BP:500,000 pounds of emissions released”